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Have you counted your blessings today?


Annette & Rick

One Day Annette went for a bike ride and passed a property going up for auction, She dragged Rick reluctantly to the auction and the rest is history. Read our story for more...........

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Everything We Offer


Alpaca products,

shearing services

Farm raised honey 

Free Range Chicken eggs 

When you set foot on Count Your Blessings Farm, you set foot on a miracle. Every rock, tree, and ripple of water, every alpaca, chicken  and honey bee is a testament to God’s holy power. The nature around us is a declaration of God’s design. The fact that our family is able to enjoy that miracle—to walk through the fields, to gather chicken eggs, to pick grapes from the vine, to look upon the Alpacas on the hill, to see the honey bees flying in the valley -  is a witness of God’s generosity and our desire to share it with you

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